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All Levels K-12
Elementary grades are only
available in print from the
schools at the end of each
semester.  Contact your school if you do not receive your Elementary Progress Report.

Gradebook - grades 6-12

Middle/High School
  • Assignments
  • Attendance Reports (customizable)
  • Email Subscriptions (by class and assignments) 
Middle and High School parents -
sign up for grade reports
emailed automatically        
New password process for GUARDIANS ONLY

Reset password - Change Password:

  1. Request your password be reset through LMS
    (please provide the student name, birthdate and grade)
  2. Log in using temporary password -- link here
  3. This is a temporary password, may say your password has expired - click on "CLICK HERE to change your password"
  4. Create new password
  5. Log back in to the same RapidIdentity system to set up challenge questions
  6. Setting up challenge questions will help you in the future change your password or retrieve a forgotten password 


Staff and students follow district procedures to change passwords                   

Curriculum and Instruction Tools
Through LMS parents and students can keep updated and stay in touch with the teachers and the school.
Simply click the icon that matches your purpose; enter your user name and password and you are in.
New to LMS?  Need a log in or password? - Here is how to get started:
  • Confirm with your child's school that you have web access and the correct email on file. 
  • Email lms@everettsd.org with a login/password request (include your student’s name, school  ID# and DOB) along with your name and relation. 
  • LMS will confirm your web access “rights” and your email is in the student database from your child’s school. 
  • We will email you your login/password. 

If "web access" has just been added to your account - you will receive an email with your login/password.  When you personalize your password, you will also be asked to choose a security question.  Email translated in Arabic, Spanish, Russian and Vietnamese.        

If you want to see all of your children with one login, please contact your child's school and ask them to link your account to all children.

Questions about the Learning Management Services - email lms@everettsd.org