Everett Public Schools will be administering the Educational Effectiveness Survey (EES) through the Center for Educational Effectiveness (CEE).  This is a critical element in our ongoing efforts to engage parents, students, and staff in the school improvement planning process.   The survey is based upon the nine characteristics of high performing schools.  There will be several opportunities for you to participate at tables during our March events.  Please take some time to share your thinking, by taking this survey during these events or at home (a link will be provided for you, or paper copies will be an option).  Your feedback truly makes a difference!  

Students will earn a raffle ticket for a $25 Book Fair gift card if their parent completes a survey.  If you prefer to take it at home, please access  the following link: https://www.research.net/r/eps-parent-2017.    If you do it this way, just cut out this article and write your child's name on it, return it to the student's teacher before March 24th for a raffle ticket.   If you prefer a paper copy, please inform your child's teacher and then follow the same protocol so we can ensure your child gets their raffle ticket.  Surveys are anonymous, so there's no way to tell if you have turned one in without this communication.  Thank you.